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Product Overview

PREVENTS RUST & CORROSION: Shooters mostly operate guns in harsh conditions under rain, dirt, dust, humidity, mud, and other undesirable climatic conditions. Consistent use of a firearm under these conditions may cause the barrel of a gun and other gun parts to rust. Freedom Fluid gun oil acts as a barrier between the metal parts of the gun and the elements. That why our gun oil is important in gun cleaning and maintenance.


FACILITATES EASY GUN CLEANING & GREATER LUBRICITY: Other traditional gun oils leave dirt behind, this one infiltrates the surface of your gun, cleaning spots that even experts miss. Materials matter and this formula can clear more dirt than you knew was left on your gun. Our gun oil made your weapons more durable operation when compared with traditional lubricants. Get high performance operations from the first application. It protects in both hot and cold climates.


VISCOSITY INDEX: About 89% of professionals consider oil viscosity when purchasing lubricants. Specialty lubricants used by military members should have a high viscosity index. When you use a Freedom Fluid gun oil with a higher viscosity index, it will prevent the carbon produced from baking on the gun’s parts. The firearm will function flawlessly in high & low temperatures because of the high viscosity index of the gun oil.


EASY APPLICATION: Use the Easy Squeeze bottle for precision application. The twist top makes the application process simple and quick, fast, and efficient to keep your gun running smoothly for years! Revive your weapons without the struggle. Prevent expensive repairs by decreasing friction between the parts of your gun. This gun oil is a combo of cleaner and gun lubrication that can outlast everything from rain to dust storms unscathed.


NON-TOXIC: It does not contain any harmful or irritating chemical derivatives. It is safe to use, non-toxic, and non-reactive to the skin. FREEDOM FLUID gun oil is thick lubricant, it is leak-proof and odorless so experience the difference just after its first application.


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We here at TacX Pro Gear strive to provide the best customer service. You can be confident that your satisfaction is always our #1 priority and that we'll do everything in our power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience. Experiencing any problems with your product? Simply reach out to us and we will do all we can to make it right.




Will not gum or harden
Provides continuous long lasting lubrication of metal
Protects against rust and corrosion
Protects guns from locking and jamming


Ensure firearm is unloaded.
Shake well prior to use.
Clean firearm prior to lubricant application per manufacturer's recommendations.
Apply evenly to all metal parts such as barrels, bolts, firing pins, springs and trigger.
Apply a thin layer to exterior surfaces of firearm.







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(No reviews yet) Write a Review